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Osaka Lenders, lending funds loans as a Private Direct Lender offering international & domestic purchase & refinance financing facilities.

We offer Loan for Business and Project funding at a Good Interest rate of 2% on Capital annually with a Grace Period of 36 Months (3-Years). All our Loans are secured by a Loan Security namely: Bank Guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit, Credit Wrap etc. Our Loan Process for Oversea Clients / Customer takes 5-7 Bank working days after our Documentation and Validation process.

We Offer Credit Facility:

A Credit Facility is a type of business loan with flexible terms and restrictions on its usage. It can be structured as a single loan or multiple loans, and as a short-term or long-term loan. Although a Credit Facility is flexible in its structure, the use of the loan is restrictive and can only be used for specific business purposes. Generally, it is way of improving overall creditworthiness by reducing the risk of default


By improving creditworthiness and reducing the risk of default, you can gain access to financing options not previously available. A Credit Facility can help you get lower interest rates and better financing terms. Tokyo Project Lenders can help you obtain this important instrument

From top 25 AA+ Rated banks

And the option to expedite the delivery of the instrument with SWIFT messaging Upon submission of project proposal clients must supply proof of funds showing a financial capacity to engage with investors. Proof of funds can be a tear sheet, bank statement, or bank reference letter. Once the proof of funds is submitted, please allow 24-72 hours to review and confirm.

As one of the leaders in the industry, Tokyo Project Lenders is committed to empowering its large network of brokers and promoting the success of their transactions.

Thousands of brokers turn to Tokyo Project Lenders for the best solutions for financial support. With over 30 years of combined experience, our company can help brokers overcome common obstacles and successfully fulfill the needs of their clients.

Our company has direct relationships with leaders in the banking world and it is these relationships that make us a powerful partner. When you have trouble obtaining the instrument or services you need, we can turn to our network of financial institutions to procure them.

We’ve been able to successfully assist many brokers worldwide by providing them with a variety of CASH BACKED financial instruments from one of our trusted institutions:

Standby Letters of Credit
Bank Guarantees
Bank Comfort Letters
Demand Guarantees
Our instruments are proven to be crucial in a variety of ventures:

International commodities trades
Project financing
Equity financing
Import/export commerce

We can arrange for these instruments to be delivered through the SWIFT system. This method of delivery adds additional value to the instrument because it is sent through a secure and trusted network. Our close relationships with our providers have made our company a priority to many financial institutions around the world, so confirmation of the delivery of a SWIFT message can be received in as little as 30 minutes.

Commonly Used SWIFT Messages

One of the most efficient and effective systems for conducting international financial transactions was created in the 1970s. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, or SWIFT, has revolutionized international trade transactions tremendously over the years. SWIFT messages are standardized and automated to the point that major transactions can occur smoothly with very little effort. A few of the more common SWIFT messages are explained below.


When a seller wishes to confirm that a buyer has the funds that will be necessary to complete a specific transaction, the buyer can have his bank issue an MT799. This is a guarantee from the bank that the buyer does current have funds in their account to execute the transaction. However, there is no hold put on the funds, and they are not earmarked in any way for any specific transaction. Depending on the language, the MT799 can be irrevocable, but in its standard format, it is not to be considered a bank guarantee or a promise to pay. It is simply an assurance that sufficient funds are currently in the buyer’s account to complete the transaction.


This SWIFT message is sometimes referred to as a “cousin” to the MT799. The reason is that they are very similar, but with some very important differences. This message also confirms to the seller that sufficient funds are in the buyer’s account, but the MT760 puts a hold on said funds and earmarks them for the specific transaction. This completely changes the nature of the MT760 from just a message between banks to an actual negotiable instrument.


This is the most commonly used SWIFT message, and many have utilized it without even knowing it. It is not typically referred to as an MT103, but rather a wire transfer. When bank customers need to make payments to someone in another country, then an international wire transfer, or MT103, is sent.

The SWIFT system was invented by Europeans who were handling many of these international trade issues by courier. It is hard to imagine that anyone could or would argue that the current process is much more reliable and efficient.

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