Satoko Satoyo

Managing Director
Sep. 1995 Started independently as Novelist, to the present
Jan. 2003 Member of Fiscal System Council, Ministry of Finance Japan
Apr. 2004 Visiting professor, Faculty of Economics, Shiga University
Mar. 2005 Member of the Council for Transport Policy, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Nov. 2006 Member of the Tax Commission, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Jun. 2010 Member of the Board of Governors, Japan Broadcasting Corporation
Jun. 2012 Outside Director, Japan Tobacco Inc. (current position)
Jun. 2013 Outside Director, LIXIL Group Corporation (current position)
Jun. 2016 Outside Director of the Company (current position)
Jun. 2018 Outside Director, MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION (current position)