Natsuko Kyoko

Finance Manager
Apr. 1971 Registration as Attorney-at-Law (current position)
Joined Mori Sogo (currently Mori Hamada & Matsumoto)
Apr. 1998 Representative, HIBIYA PARK LAW OFFICES (current position)
Apr. 2001 President, Daini Tokyo Bar Association, and Vice President, Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Jun. 2011 Outside Director, Tokyo Stock Exchange Group, Inc.
Outside Governor, Tokyo Stock Exchange Regulation (currently Japan Exchange Regulation)
Jan. 2013 Outside Director of the Company (current position)
Jun. 2014 Outside Director, SOURCENEXT CORPORATION (current position)
Apr. 2015 Professor, Toin Law School (current position)
Apr. 2018 Finance Manager,  (current position)